God reveals himself, makes himself known and his highest revelation is Jesus Christ. Man, as an open being, is able to receive and respond to this revelation of God. This dynamic of God’s action and human response requires understanding, it requires showing one’s « credibility ». A credibility that, due to existential and social circumstances, has been put in crisis, demanding clarity on its foundations.

Topics of interest

  • Understand what revelation means and how it happens.
  • Dive into the internal dynamics of faith and how it is possible.
  • Faith and reason in dialogue. Becoming aware of the main challenges of the experience of faith today.

Course objectives

To understand what revelation is, what faith is and to recognize that they are the basis for all theological reflection and pastoral action.

Specific objectives

  • To understand the reasons for believing in God’s revelation
  • To recognize faith as a human act
  • To understand why faith is not against reason
  • To value faith as a response to the great questions of man

Course Information

15 hours, 1 academic credit


WHEN: Wednesday from June 1st to 29th

TIME: 6-9 pm

WHERE: Zoom Platform

FEES: Consult the fees here

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