Diploma in Youth Ministry


Evening online training


This degree totals 15 credits and is acquired through online sessions. It is designed to train and equip you for ministry to youth and young adults.

Participants are introduced to a theological understanding and focus on youth culture, youth development, and ministering to them in a variety of settings.

This program includes a variety of concise courses from a perspective of the Catholic Tradition, founded on Scripture, Jesus and the Sacraments. It introduces participants to a dynamic, faith-filled and holistic approach specifically designed to respond to the diverse and rapidly changing needs of this new generation. This approach seeks to equip leaders who work with children, teenagers, young adults, and their families, within their various settings.

This diploma is designed for adults working with young people who wish to develop the skills to engage and accompany the young generations in their faith journey. This pedagogical and existential project aims at transforming our society by motivating younger generations to rediscover and integrate into contemporary culture the most fundamental anthropological values that we all need to live in solidarity and fraternity.

The program is addressed to:

  • Parents
  • Pastoral workers
  • Catechists
  • Youth Ministry leaders and Youth workers
  • Those who work in the Community Recreation and Leadership field
  • Teachers, instructors and coaches
  • Social workers

The program represents:

  • A New vision for Youth and Young adult Ministry
  • Practical tools for a new fruitful evangelization
  • Best practices and strategies for youth ministry,
  • Knowledge and faith experiences
  • Fruitful, intentional, sustainable, balanced pastoral approach.
  • New dynamism in its language, methods and expressions
  • New and creative approaches to youth ministry to facilitate the accompaniment of the digital generations of youth who represent new needs, especially in this time of pandemic or post-pandemic

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